The Home Selling Process


Trail 27 has refined our systems to streamline the home-selling  process for you, saving you valuable time and money.  Here is an overview of the major steps you will face in selling your property:

1. Define your goals and timeline

Once you have reviewed this guide, the first step is to meet with your listing specialist in person and define your motivations to sell. Often a seller’s reason for selling may be a determining factor in the urgency of the sale. Your Realtor will take the following factors into consideration which can influence the sale of your home: Urgency, Price, Location, Condition, Size, or Style.

2. Pricing your house

The price at which your property is marketed can make or break the deal. There are three strategies for pricing your home. Your Realtor will provide you with an in-depth analysis of your fair market value and review the pros and cons to each of the three strategies: pricing above, pricing below, or pricing at fair market value.

3. Preparing your property for sale

The condition of your property is always a factor in how quickly your home sells. To procure the next offer from your buyer pool, your property needs to be in the best condition in it’s price range. Trail 27 listings include professional square footage verification, floor plan renderings, professional photography and transaction coordination. Other preparations like home inspection and staging are encouraged and typically net sellers a higher sales price.

4. Exposure

Todays discerning buyers expect timely information delivered with a fresh approach.  Trail 27 has a proven listing plan that exposes our listings to the largest pool of buyers through direct mail marketing, social media, MLS input, open houses, high-quality color brochures, and internet blasts.

5. Receiving and negotiating an offer

Once you receive an offer, your Realtor will compare it with other opportunities and breakdown the contract terms to show where your risks and rewards lie. Your Realtor will review response strategies with you. Whether you decide to accept, reject or counter the offer, your Realtor will ensure that you understand your  options and help you determine the strategy that fits your goals.

Estimated Net Profit

It is very important to understand the expenses that may be incurred while selling your home. It is helpful for sellers to realize their potential profit. Your  Realtor will provide you with an estimated net sheet that may include things like commission to be paid to the selling agent, listing agent, taxes, listing  preparation,  title insurance, escrow fees and possibly a home warranty.

6. Preparing to close

Once you and the buyer have agreed to all of the contract terms, you move into escrow status. Your Trail 27 Realtor will be the hub of communication between  title officer, escrow officer, buyer’s lender, selling agent, home warranty company, and our transaction coordinator.  S/he will manage the details of your  transaction making sure contingencies are removed and deadlines are met.



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